Hear with the Heart has grown from a need to process emotions.  When we first started this journey, resources seemed hard to come by.  We couldn’t find support groups, and what forums we stumbled across, most threads had been lying dormant for years.  We felt lost and alone, but determined to not let our daughter’s diagnosis be her only defining trait.

We set out to make sure she never felt ashamed for who she was.  Bold colors were selected (by her) for her hearing aids and molds, charms were made, and Captain Stinky Feet took flight.  Her hearing loss became her super power. This site grew from that starting point, two parents, completely lost, and looking away to process our emotions AND make it fun for our daughter.

Fast forward to now, with a few years lying dormant, the site is back.  Captain Stinky Feet has grown leaps and bounds, picked up a few hobbies, and has become the most amazing big sister to Sir Smelly Toes.  We feel that it is now time to share our stories once again, while we learn ASL, continue to navigate progressive hearing loss, and venture off into entrepreneurial territory.

So this is our story, embracing our new normal, and laughing as much as we can along the way.  Hope you enjoy!


Meet Mom - Being a mom to a super hero AND her faithful sidekick is no easy feat.  You can often find mom experimenting with some new creative techniques, watching the latest Great British Baking Show, or staying up entirely too late to make some crazy prop for a DIY birthday party. To be fair, she enjoys it.

Then there is Dad - LOVER of coffee, no, like really LOVES coffee.  Probably needs it with his work schedule, and then coming home to help raise two goal oriented and passionate super heroes.  He can be summed up in three short words: coffee, music, puns.

Now for the stars of the show….


Captain Stinky Feet

is a witty and compassionate hero, skilled in archery, and budding entrepreneur. A child who has taught us so much about bravery, confidence, and resilience.


Sir Smelly Toes

is an energetic, jokester, with a knack for charming people in seconds. He loves his sister like no other, and while he takes joy in farting on her, he will protect her to the end.