Hi, I am Amanda and my daughter is deaf



As you may know from reading my last post “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…or so I thought, we have been dealing with some real ASSHOLES.  The sign has not been moved back, but it will be moved back within 2 weeks from today. 

To be honest, I have a hard time driving by that house.  My blood boils.  My eyes well up with tears.  I cannot fathom how anybody could ever think there is something more important than safety.  To think that a “Deaf Children Near” sign would de-value their home or turn away buyers and prevent them from selling their home is mind boggling to me.

As I was contemplating all of that in my head, I realized something about this whole process.  My daughter is DEAF, moderately deaf, but still classified as deaf.  Up until now I stayed away from that word.  Not that I was ashamed, but because I didn’t understand.  I would always use “hard-of-hearing” because she did have some hearing, so she wasn’t deaf.  Right?  For some reason I thought that if you had hearing aids and didn’t sign, you could not be classified as deaf.  Now I see things differently.

The definition of deaf is “lacking the power of hearing or having impaired hearing.”  Well, Addie is not in possession of full power of hearing (I really hate the word impaired), so by definition she is deaf.  My daughter is deaf.  I don’t think I will ever be able to explain how empowering it feels to accept that statement and be proud of it.

This past year has been a roller coaster of emotions; not knowing what was causing the hearing loss to watching her joy over her hearing aids and decorations, to asshole neighbors who whether they realize it or not, are trying to stigmatize my daughter for being deaf.  You know what?  Screw them!  My daughter is deaf and Ben and I have busted our asses making sure that our daughter does not feel ashamed for who she is, and we have done a damn fine job.  She is confident, she is compassionate, and she has a sense of humor that would crack most comics up.  Our daughter is perfect.  She is deaf and she is PERFECT. 

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am proud to be the mommy of my deaf daughter.