Deaf people can do anything, except hear.
— I. King Jordan (Former President of Gallaudet University)

Our world completely changed when our daughter was diagnosed with hearing loss.  Since that moment, we have be researching, learning, and most importantly living.  This is our story, our experiences, and our journey of changing our normal and making no excuses.

Some days are bad; the sadness rips through our core, frustration takes over, and we feel helpless.  But most days are filled with smiles, laughs, lots of love, and determination.  We learn as we go, trying to stay ahead as best as we can, and are comforted by knowing we will stop at nothing to make sure our little girl not only dreams big, but accomplishes her dreams.  Hearing loss may be a disability, it may cause some obstacles, but it will not hold her back.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but dream; not only plan, but believe.
— Anatole France